Reiki Natures Way

Connecting to yourself through Nature’s Energy


Our Philosophy

As teachers of Reiki, our goal is to motivate our students to begin their own personal exploration of their Reiki journey. This only happens when they feel genuinely inspired and confident in their ability to learn more.

Our teaching style and techniques are continually evolving as we learn through professional development, working with our peers and most importantly listening to our students. To us, a large part of teaching is figuring out the different ways in which people learn.

We are rooted in nature and do not believe that everything can be rushed. That is why we emphasize the importance of taking time to practice and become confident with the level you are at and allow your energy to adjust before moving onto the next level.


Our Meet The Teachers

Joanne Shehan, LMT, RMT


Joanne has been teaching for over 20 years incorporating various therapies into her practice.

Her love of teaching massage grew into other areas where she could share her love of the mind body connection. She loves sharing her experiences and enthusiasm of these therapies through her teachings.

Monica L Cyr, RMT

Simply Balanced LLC

Monica has been teaching Yoga for over 11 years. It is from this love of teaching and seeing her students move through their own journeys that she started her own journey to become a ReikiMaster Teacher in the Usui/Tibetan system of healing.


With her teaching experience, in both group and private settings, she believes in tailoring her classes to the individual needs of her students to ensure a positive experience for all.

Certifications & Extras



Level 1 (8hours)

Level 1 Refresher (4 Hours)

Level 2 (8 Hours)

Level 2 Refresher (4 Hours)


Before registering for a refresher, contact:

                  Level 1: Contact Monica Cyr

                  Level 2: Contact Joanne Shehan



Mindful Manifesting

Deliberate creation: Techniques and templates on how you can create the future you desire. Don’t wait for things to happen in your life, make them happen!


Vision Boards: We will teach you how to use vision boards to plan and realize your future.


Meditation: Various techniques will be taught to find the right meditation for you!



Early Bird Registration save 10% until September 15th.

     Option 1: $225.00    To register click here

  •      Level 1 Certification
  •      Mindful Manifesting

     Option 2: $295.00    To register click here

  •      Level 2 Certification
  •      Mindful Manifesting

     Option 3: $125.00    To register click here

  •      Level 1 Refresher
  •      Mindful manifesting

      Option 4: $175.00    To register click here

  •      Level 2 Refresher
  •     Mindful Manifesting